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Beginner Magic

Beginner magic at it’s best

Are you a magician just beginning to explore the world of magic? Then check out this section for the best beginner magic you can find. Here we offer you a selection of the best tricks that are easy to learn and perform. You get everything you need to perform your miracles: The props and English instructions. In some cases the instructions come even as a DVD or download.

Cool Magic Sets and crazy Magic Tricks

A magic set is often the best way to start practising magic. In a magic set you’ll get a lot of magic tricks that are easy to perform. You have the choice of tricks, so there will certainly be something for young Harry Potters and Merlins in these magic sets. If you buy individual magic tricks, don’t let yourself tempt yourself by amazing descriptions alone. Always think, if the trick you are about to buy, is something that you would love to perform!

Make Magic Your New Hobby

Performing magic is an amazing hobby. You can astound your friends, deceive your colleagues at a party, amaze a crowd in a theatre or simply surprise a group of people while waiting at a dinner table. Take your time to explore this fantastic hobby and buy some really amazing tricks to add to your repertoire. And who knows, maybe one day wou’ll be performing on one of those big stages!

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