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Card Magic

The Very Best of Card Magic

We can offer you an amazing selection of card tricks, that are easy to perform, or very challenging. As a beginner, we can highly recommend the books and DVDs by Roberto Giobbi. These are the staples for every card magician serious about magic. A nice series of downloads are Michael Ammars Easy to Master Card Miracles. Here you’ll learn audience tested routines that can be performed almost everywhere. Or have a look at the Paul Wilson DVD series.

Card Conjuring or XCM Extreme Manipulation?

In which direction would you like to go? Are you more the classic stage conjuror, who makes cards appear out of nowhere? Or are you more the street magician like, juggling type of person, who likes to show incredible stunts with a pack of cards? We have something for both: Jeff McBride’s and Jeff Sheridan’s downloads on Card Manipulation are the best to get some skills for your stage show, not to mention the DVDs by Yu Hojin or Lee Ang Hsuan are challenging but worthwhile buys. For XCM jugglers, you might want to check out the Dan and Dave DVDs, such as Trilogy.

Card Tricks and Card Magic Downloads

To learn card magic, you can either buy individual tricks, or Downloads, which give you a whole selection of amazing card moves and card tricks. If you are a beginner, start off with self-working card tricks by John Bannon or Cameron Francis. Simple tricks without a lot of card moves let you focus more on presentation than on performing.

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